Healthcare Subsidies

Here we go! Time to get cracking on this new subsidy information under “Obamacare”. I am still new at blogging and this page will keep getting better as I write more. A link was posted under health insurance for a subsidy calculator with the Kaiser Foundation. Check it out and I’ll keep researching for you.


“Broke but happy”

So many people say the phrase “I’m broke but I’m happy”. I want to argue that depending on the reason you are broke, you may not be happy. Let me give an example. If you bring home a paycheck that helps pay the bills for your household the family expects and anticipates that income. Let’s say you work construction for a living and are on a nature hike with the boy scouts for the weekend. If you break your ankle and get laid up on the couch for a month, will you be happy? Most people can’t afford to fall behind on paychecks. Once you do playing catch-up can take a whole year or mean bankruptcy.

I contend that you don’t have to be broke when laid up on the couch with a little additional pre-planning. If you don’t have money in the bank, or don’t want to use that money to pay bills when you can’t work, think about purchasing a disability policy.