Monthly Archives: October 2013

Emergency Bills


When your child has appendicitis, or the possible diagnosis, you will pay whatever price it takes. Those emotions fade by the time I get the bill and that’s the moment I am thankful that I have quality healthcare.


Smooth Sailing

Wow! Time sure goes fast when everyone is allowed to buy their insurance at ! Just to take a poll, has anyone actually used the site? It’s pretty bad when the Agents that went through all the courses to help you can’t even gain access. If you have any questions on what’s happening I’m still available by phone and email. Just a note that you can always go to our website at and learn more about health insurance. You can buy certain products right on the website. Dental and Vision are popular for that. Assurant Health has been gaining popularity with our clients. Especially the Short Term Medical that you can purchase for up to 6 months. That get’s people through the Holidays and into tax season when they are more in the mindset of dealing with insurance matters. Just things to think about. Drive safely out there and I hope to visit with some of you soon!