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Privacy Protection Concerns

Privacy Protection Concerns

This is a very important topic when it comes to allowing people to help us enroll in the new health insurance plans. I am personally held to a very high ethical code and have a lot of responsibility to protect your privacy as a client. North Dakota is on this list of Attorney Generals that is questioning the privacy of your information on the marketplace.



Some of you may find yourself in an insurance nightmare. Let me give you an example from hypothetical reality. Lets just say there is a teacher contemplating retirement. As they start the last semester of school before retirement the realization hits them that they are only 62 and will need to find a new health insurance policy. All of a sudden there’s an extra $800 or so they didn’t plan on putting toward an insurance policy every month. Now they took a pay cut AND an insurance increase! It’s no wonder people have heart attacks!¬†This doesn’t always happen and if you are fortunate enough to have Medicare available, check out the website at and see what’s offered.

Healthcare Subsidies

Here we go! Time to get cracking on this new subsidy information under “Obamacare”. I am still new at blogging and this page will keep getting better as I write more. A link was posted under health insurance for a subsidy calculator with the Kaiser Foundation. Check it out and I’ll keep researching for you.


“Broke but happy”

So many people say the phrase “I’m broke but I’m happy”. I want to argue that depending on the reason you are broke, you may not be happy. Let me give an example. If you bring home a paycheck that helps pay the bills for your household the family expects and anticipates that income. Let’s say you work construction for a living and are on a nature hike with the boy scouts for the weekend. If you break your ankle and get laid up on the couch for a month, will you be happy? Most people can’t afford to fall behind on paychecks. Once you do playing catch-up can take a whole year or mean bankruptcy.

I contend that you don’t have to be broke when laid up on the couch with a little additional pre-planning. If you don’t have money in the bank, or don’t want to use that money to pay bills when you can’t work, think about purchasing a disability policy.