Health Insurance – take it or leave it

I know this is a sore topic for many and a very frustrating one for others. It is outside open enrollment right now. What does that mean? If you are on Medicare you may be familiar with this being the chance you have every year between October 15th and December 7th to change your prescription drug plan, also known as your part D. When people get older and their health changes, so do the medications they take. Not every company covers the same medications and have differing out of pocket costs based on how much you pay and the plan you pick. Enough of that topic. Keep that in mind if you have a family member on Medicare.

On to open enrollment for health insurance under the new laws! Open enrollment starts November 1st for a January 1st effective date. Enrollment for the year technically ends January 31, 2016. Future posts will cover topics such as special enrollment periods and other important topics and discussions that may help you decide what to purchase and protect.

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Smooth Sailing

Wow! Time sure goes fast when everyone is allowed to buy their insurance at ! Just to take a poll, has anyone actually used the site? It’s pretty bad when the Agents that went through all the courses to help you can’t even gain access. If you have any questions on what’s happening I’m still available by phone and email. Just a note that you can always go to our website at and learn more about health insurance. You can buy certain products right on the website. Dental and Vision are popular for that. Assurant Health has been gaining popularity with our clients. Especially the Short Term Medical that you can purchase for up to 6 months. That get’s people through the Holidays and into tax season when they are more in the mindset of dealing with insurance matters. Just things to think about. Drive safely out there and I hope to visit with some of you soon!

Walk in Clinics

Walk in Clinics

In North Dakota there are a number of clinics that will work with you if you don’t have insurance. They have limited hours due to the fact that they are most likely volunteers. I know one of the clinics in Minot, ND is only open on Mondays. The link with this post will give a list of all clinics that participate in the program in ND. If you are in another state and would like to know where there is a free clinic just google free clinics in (your area). You can call the phone number for the clinic and get details. Ask them a couple basic questions.

1. What is the cost for being seen, if any?

2. What types of services does the clinic offer?

3. Do you know of any other Doctors or clinics in the area that offer services for the uninsured or underinsured?

What’s available?

The most common question I am asked out here in oil country is “what’s available for health insurance options?” Although the answer is changing in the very near future as to who offers what, I am still giving people information as if the new changes haven’t taken effect. Those of us that grew up in North Dakota believe that BlueCross BlueShield of ND is king in the western part of the state. The reason I say that is the fact that they have such a huge network and are given discounts by providers. There has been some competition moving in and the landscape is going to be changing. Medica has been working their way across the state for some time now and Sanford Health is gaining a foothold out here as they put up clinics and look at building hospitals. Assurant Health is also out here but my understanding is that they are going to be tailoring to those that don’t use the marketplace, or as I know it better, the exchange. There are other insurance companies around but in my mind those are the ones that come to the surface at this time. If you google any of these carriers you can find out more about them. I will be learning details of what companies will be on the exchange and which ones are staying off but still offering health insurance. Have a good night and thank you for reading this.

Privacy Protection Concerns

Privacy Protection Concerns

This is a very important topic when it comes to allowing people to help us enroll in the new health insurance plans. I am personally held to a very high ethical code and have a lot of responsibility to protect your privacy as a client. North Dakota is on this list of Attorney Generals that is questioning the privacy of your information on the marketplace.


Some of you may find yourself in an insurance nightmare. Let me give you an example from hypothetical reality. Lets just say there is a teacher contemplating retirement. As they start the last semester of school before retirement the realization hits them that they are only 62 and will need to find a new health insurance policy. All of a sudden there’s an extra $800 or so they didn’t plan on putting toward an insurance policy every month. Now they took a pay cut AND an insurance increase! It’s no wonder people have heart attacks! This doesn’t always happen and if you are fortunate enough to have Medicare available, check out the website at and see what’s offered.